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Prepare Your Members for Flu Season

Oct 02, 2012

Flu season is almost here. Members can prevent the spread of influenza (flu) by doing several things to protect themselves and their family. The first step is to get the flu vaccine.

Members have a choice of where to go to get the flu vaccine

Aetna has contracts with several flu vaccine providers increasing access. Members can get the flu vaccine from their doctor or one of Aetna's contracted flu vaccine providers. Aetna has contracted with the following list of providers to offer the flu vaccine for the 2012-2013 flu season.

Flu vaccine provider

Find a location

CVS Pharmac
or call 

Please note date, time and location of clinic

Marc's® Pharmacies (OH and CT only)

Mollen Immunization Clinics®
or call

Please note date, time and location of clinic

QuickChek® Pharmacies (only in NJ)
RiteAid® Pharmacies
or call
1-800-RITEAID (1-800-748-3243)

Safeway (Carrs-AK)Vons (Southern CA)
Pavilions® (Southern CA)
Randalls (TX)Tom Thumb (TX)
Dominick's (Chicago)
or call
Shoprite®/Wakefern Food Corp.TM
or call

Then call that pharmacy and arrange a time to get the flu vaccine



Flu vaccine provider Find a location
The Little Clinic®
MinuteClinic, Inc.®
or call
1-866-389-ASAP (2727)
take care clinicSM
or call
1-866-TAKE-CARE (1-866-825-3227)
Walk-in clinics/urgent care centers

These contracted providers accept Aetna coverage. Members just need to show them their Aetna ID card upon arrival.

Please note: California HMO members must go to their primary care doctor to get the flu vaccine. California PPO members can receive their flu vaccine from any Aetna participating provider contracted for these services including the providers listed above.

Resources for more information

Here are some important reminders about the flu vaccine that you can relay to members.

To learn more about how members can fight the flu, go to Aetna's Facts about flu web page.

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