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Producer Agreement Enhancements

Aug 10, 2012

These enhancements formalize the work Aetna is already doing to serve you more effectively and efficiently. Some of the revisions to the Agreement are designed to reduce unnecessary administrative requirements by:
  • Incorporating the service fee model where applicable
  • Authorizing Aetna to pay commissions expressed as percentage premiums or per employee per month basis
  • Permitting Aetna to make payments electronically
  • Expressly authorizing Aetna to pay bonuses to producers
For a copy of the revised Agreement, click here:  Revised Producer Agreement or visit Aetna Producer World®. 
Modification of Aetna Producer Agreement
This email serves as notice pursuant to Section F(13) of the existing Producer Agreement that these enhancements will become effective on September 1, 2012. 

Learn more about the Premier Producer Program
Earlier this year Aetna introduced the Premier Producer Program for Small Group and Middle Market medical brokers. This annual program is also documented in the revised Producer Agreement. The program recognizes top performing agencies. It comes with many privileges that include:
  • Financial rewards and incentives like sales and retention bonuses
  • Enhanced services including a dedicated service team and exclusive insights
  • Improved reporting that tracks sales, growth and persistency
Aetna recognizes the important role you play as an independent and trusted resource for customers who are making health insurance decisions. Aetna also appreciates the support you provide in educating and counseling customers. Aetna pledges to continue to collaborate with you to provide this valuable service.  
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