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RAF Program Extended through April 2010

Nov 16, 2009

The Anthem Blue Cross RAF Program will continue through April 15, 2010 effective dates. Beginning with January 2010 effective dates, the RAF Program will offer more flexibility**.

Six (6) or more enrolling are eligible for a .90 RAF*

Also note that for January 2010 effective dates ONLY, Anthem Blue Cross will allow groups to Come Back to Blue prior to meeting the 12 month requirement. This applies to any size group that Comes Back to Blue.

* Program Guidelines:
  • Applicable only to the EmployeeElect portfolio
  • New AB1672 qualified groups with a current renewal RAF of 1.06 or better
  • **A renewal RAF may be submitted from the past 12 months (instead of 90 days) OR the current RAF may be submitted if the group has not gone through a renewal in the last year
  • Groups with 30% or more COBRA/Cal-COBRA enrollees are ineligible
  • Current Anthem Blue Cross groups are not eligible
  • Groups moving from any CHOICE Administrators product or association plans are not eligible
  • Carve-out groups (management/non-management, salary/non-salary) are not eligible for RAF promotion
  • Groups coming from another large group contract with 15 or more enrolling will receive a .90 RAF
  • COBRA/CalCOBRA enrollees do not count toward the enrolled subscriber counts
  • Groups with 2-5 enrolling may take an automatic 1.10 RAF or complete health questions and try for a lower RAF (as low as 1.0 for groups with 2-4 and .95 for groups with 5 enrolling)
  • Guidelines for current RAF promotion (revised flyer for 2010 RAF Program currently in production)

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