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Reminder: Aetna Eliminating Fax Option for Enrollment Transactions

Jul 24, 2012

Aetna is changing the way we process enrollment changes for customers beginning August 2012

In order to streamline and improve the enrollment processes for existing customers, Aetna is changing the way employers submit enrollment changes.

Here is the latest information about online enrollment:

Aetna's preferred method for receiving and processing enrollment changes for existing customers is via eEnrollment. Both brokers and employers have access to eBusiness tools.

eEnrollment is the most efficient and  preferred method for submitting enrollment changes to Aetna.  For 24-hour turnaround times on non-urgent enrollment transactions, brokers can access the enrollment tool in eBusiness through Producer World and employers can access the enrollment tool here .  It allows online, anytime access to complete adds, terms and updates. eEnrollment requires less information than what is requested on the employee application. And because the information is typed and not written, it is easier to read and ensures an accurate ID Card.


Email: For non-urgent enrollment requests, send email transactions to

Urgent enrollment requests: Call Aetna at 1-877-249-7235 for immediate processing. The following situations are considered urgent and are eligible for expedited process:

Aetna is replacing faxes with online service
During the next few months, Aetna is phasing out the ability to submit enrollment transactions via fax. As of August 2012, this change helps streamline Aetna's administrative process and reduce paper use. Instead, you can submit enrollment adds, terms and updates online.

Phone: For help registering for Aetna's eBusiness tools, contact  customer support at: 1-800-237-7476.  To access eBusiness tools, go to

Employers can register for the eBusiness plan sponsor portal. It's simple —register today.

For more information, please contact your Aetna Account Executive or Aetna at 1-877-249-2472, option 6.

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