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Rx Update: System Migration Scheduled for September 1st

Aug 23, 2010

Prescription Drug Plan Update

System Migration Scheduled for Individual, Small Group and Senior clients on September 1

In late 2009, Anthem Blue Cross of California's parent company completed a deal to sell its NextRx pharmacy benefit management subsidiaries to Express Scripts, and subsequently entered into a contract with Express Scripts to provide certain operational and administrative support for our prescription drug plans. As a result, customers will gain the advantage of best-in-class programs from both organizations and integration of their medical and pharmacy benefits from leaders in their respective fields. 

This migration to Express Scripts will impact Individual, Small Group and Senior clients as of September 1, 2010.   

Upcoming system migrations and enhancements
Anthem will continue to control pharmacy policy, your clients' prescription drug programs and benefit designs. However, Express Scripts will begin processing prescription drug claims and managing pharmacy operations once accounts have migrated to their pharmacy operating platform. On September 1, your Individual, Small Group and Senior clients will migrate.     

Members will keep their existing ID cards and numbers, Customer Service phone numbers, drug list/formulary and benefit designs. However, mail pharmacy customers and website users will experience some changes beginning September 1.  

Mail service pharmacy
Current NextRx mail service pharmacy customers will transition to Home Delivery from the Express Scripts Pharmacy.  

What isn't changing:

  • Express Scripts Pharmacy order processing times are the same as what members experienced with NextRx. For refills, standard order processing time is three to five days, and standard order processing time for new prescriptions is 10 to 14 days.
  • On September 1, if a member has refills remaining on current prescription(s) at NextRx, the information will be sent to the Express Scripts Pharmacy. The member will be able to place the refill orders online or by phone, in the same manner as today.  

What's changing:

  • Members can continue filling orders through NextRx until August 31. After that date, they should send new prescription orders to the Express Scripts Pharmacy.
  • To place an order by mail, members should complete the new patient information order form and send it, along with the prescription(s) to the new St. Louis, Missouri address.
  • If members have refills remaining at NextRx on an active prescription less than one year old, the information will be transferred automatically to Express Scripts. Members will be able to place the refill orders online, by mail or by phone, in the same manner as they do today.
  • Existing mail pharmacy customers may notice changes to the automated phone system, as well as the color and layout of paperwork in order packages from the Express Scripts Pharmacy.   

Web experience
Members who currently use their health plan website to access pharmacy information will continue logging into the same site. However, beginning September 1, they will be redirected to the Express Scripts website and asked to provide registration information. This information will be used to manage members' pharmacy benefits and preferences for communication and privacy. 

Other web changes include:

  • Express Scripts Home Delivery customers will now have a convenient Bill Me Later payment option.
  • Members will not be able to pay a balance or apply credit over the web.
  • Members will have automatic-refill options with Express Scripts.
  • Regular refill reminders for adult dependents will no longer be available.

Member communications

Current mail pharmacy customers and web users will be sent letters that detail the changes listed above beginning August 23. These mailings will also include an Express Scripts Pharmacy new patient information order form and a Frequently Asked Questions document.

If you have questions, please contact your b&p Group Sales Representative.  

Express Scripts, Inc. is a separate company that provides pharmacy services and pharmacy benefit management services on behalf of health plan members. WellPoint NextRx, NextRx and PrecisionRx are registered trademarks of WellPoint, Inc. and are used under license by Express Scripts, Inc.

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