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SeeChange Final Transition Update

Sep 30, 2014

As they announced last month, SeeChange Health Insurance will be leaving the market effective January 1, 2014. SeeChange had hoped to make arrangements with another carrier to seamlessly transition your SeeChange Health clients to their new coverage. In talking to other carriers they had two goals: 1) they had to do something to make the transition easier--ideally accepting electronic enrollment information from SeeChange; and 2) they had to respect SeeChange's distribution arrangements--even if only for business moving from SeeChange Health.

Unfortunately, while several carriers were happy to have SeeChange market their products to their groups, none thus far have been willing to simplify or ease the enrollment process and to protect all of SeeChange's distribution partners. Consequently, unless something unexpected emerges, they will be unable to help your clients move to another carrier. SeeChange apologizes for this inconvenience.

Please remember, your existing and eligible renewing groups may keep their coverage through December 31, 2014. California small groups renewing this October, November and December may even keep their current "grandmothered" plans. However, their coverage with SeeChange Health will terminate at midnight on December 31st.

If you have any questions, please ​contact a member of your b&p Sales Team - 888.722.3373.

Thanks for your patience as SeeChange works through this process.

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