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Selling Point #2: Service

Apr 28, 2010

Why Delta Dental? Selling Point #2: Service

This article is the second in a series highlighting selling points you can use when talking to clients about Delta Dental. You can find the first article in this series (Why Delta Dental? Selling Point #1: The industry leader) in the fall 2009 issue of Insider Update.

Why choose Delta Dental? Delta Dental is dedicated to exceptional service to their clients, enrollees, dentists and sales partners. And they have the proof to back up their claims of excellent service — Delta Dental has been highly rated for their service in independent studies and surveys.*

Service to clients
Doing business with Delta Dental is easier than ever with new advances in technology including online eligibility management and billing and easy-to-use interactive voice response (IVR) systems and web services. Their account management support team is responsive to the needs of their clients. Their clients know they can count on them to provide good customer service, friendly phone support, fast claims processing and an easy plan to administer and use. Delta Dental's high client satisfaction rates* are a testament that their service meets their customers' expectations.

Our reporting and analytics programs set the standard by which other carriers are measured. With a variety of straightforward reports that can be broken down by categories such as sublocation, plan design and utilization, we provide tools for clients with more than 100 lives to analyze and benchmark plan performance — without additional fees or hidden costs. And since our focus is dental insurance, our support team has the expertise to help you evaluate benefit features that can be modified to improve plan performance.

Service to consultants, brokers and sales partners
Delta Dental offers an extensive array of plan design features and funding options. From plans designed for small businesses to flexible benefit options for larger clients, we have plans to fit every client's needs. But our service doesn't stop after the sale. Our open enrollment support (including web tools, videos and Spanish-language materials) is extensive. Our support team can simplify your job and make recommending a dental plan you can count on less complicated.

Throughout the year we offer value-added services to our sales partners through "lunch and learn" discussions, continuing education (CE) courses for credit towards licensure and personalized support. We also provide brokers and consultants easy access to their mid- to large-sized clients' data during the RFP and renewal processes.

Service to enrollees
Delta Dental is the established market leader for enrollees who have dental benefits.* Our plans are easy to use, and our support includes online tools to check eligibility, benefits and claims information; IVR technology; and friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives. In addition, Delta Dental plans commonly provide more savings opportunities for enrollees in our fee-for-service plans than many of our competitors through our Delta Dental Premier network, the largest network of its kind in the nation. Our track record of meeting or exceeding our enrollees' expectations is supported by both our satisfaction surveys* and our call center statistics.

Service to our dentist networks
Clients and enrollees reap the benefits of easy administration because of the service we provide to our dentists. In a recent survey, dentists viewed Delta Dental two and a half times more favorably than competing brands; and dentists say they work with Delta Dental more frequently than all other carriers combined.* We've recently added technologies that improve dentists' practice management capabilities, improving the speed of claims submission and eligibility verification. And loyal network dentists result in a stable network, which allows more enrollees to stay with their current dentists.

*The "Brand Awareness and Perception Study" conducted in 2006 and 2008 by The Long Group showed clients', enrollees' and dentists' satisfaction with Delta Dental was higher than other dental carriers. Delta Dental also won Benefits Selling magazine's reader's choice award for best dental carrier in both 2007 and 2009.

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