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Selling Point #3: Networks

Apr 28, 2010

Why Delta Dental? Selling point #3: networks

This article is the third in a series highlighting selling points you can use when talking to clients about Delta Dental. You can find the previous articles in this series in the fall 2009 and winter 2010 issues of
Insider Update.

Why choose Delta Dental? Delta Dental maintains the largest network of dentists in the nation, a position we have held for more than five decades. Having the nation's largest network of dentists is important because it offers more cost-saving opportunities to clients and enrollees through our fee agreements with network dentists.

National networks
Delta Dental's products are each supported by a nationwide network, not a group of local or regional independent networks. Established and respected dentists in targeted geographic areas are recruited to provide maximum access for our enrollees based on demographic patterns and employer populations. The Delta Dental system is set up to provide local representation and a local presence in every state in the U.S., enhancing our ability for quick and focused responses to targeted needs.

At Delta Dental, we recognize the importance of establishing fee schedules that reflect local market dynamics. Accordingly, we review a broad range of resources, including fee data filed by our dentists, to ensure we reimburse dentists at realistic levels that offer fair compensation and value to our enrollees receiving care from network dentists. This factor is a key component in maintaining one of the largest dental networks in the country.

Professional relations
Delta Dental uses a consistent, stringent national approach to manage the quality of dental care provided by our contracting dentists. Contracting and oversight are provided through local Delta Dental professional relations representatives in every state. This local representation is a primary strength in our delivery of quality dental benefits.

In addition, these representatives are knowledgeable about state regulations and the needs of local dental societies in their areas, ensuring both quality of care and an in-depth understanding of benefits from a dentist viewpoint. When required, both Delta Dental and the dentist's local representative work together to resolve practice and utilization concerns.


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