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Small Group Sales Model Change is Complete

May 27, 2009

Individual and Small Group Sales Model Change in California is Complete

Anthem Blue Cross is pleased to announce their new Individual/Senior and Small Group sales model. They have divided Individual/Senior and Small Group (ISG) into two separate market segments - Individual/Senior and Small Group - to provide you with a more market-focused partnership that will better serve your needs and the needs of your clients.

On June 1, Individual/Senior and Small Group will have separate, dedicated teams:

This new sales model will support an enhanced partnership with Anthem's agents:

Look for a postcard of your specific Anthem Blue Cross sales team in the mail within the next two weeks.

AgentAccess will be updated to reflect Anthem's new sales model. From May 15 to June 19, RSM Corner will display a Coming Soon message. This means when you log into the secure Anthem Blue Cross site, you will not see your RSMs' pictures with contact information and a link to their seminars. You will instead find the RSM directory and seminar information under the first link beneath What's New! called RSM Directory/Producer News. On June 20, AgentAccess will begin displaying both the Individual/Senior RSM and Small Group RSM.

If you would like to discuss any business opportunities or have questions about these important changes, please feel free to contact your new local RSM.

You may also contact your B&P representative for more informaion.
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