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Smile in California with Aetna Dental

Jun 25, 2012

Aetna Small Group dental plans in California now have even more to offer as part of the recent refresh for 4/1/2012 effective dates. Take a look at the highlights for groups with 10-100 eligible employees:

  1. No more waiting periods for standard plans.
  2. Aetna offers a multi-state solution.
  3. Enhanced list of services.
  4. Open enrollment is now allowed for standard plans.

Download sales flyer for more information.

More competitive plan offerings

Groups with 10-100 eligible employees:

  • There is no longer a benefits waiting period for major or orthodontic services on standard plans; however, rates will be higher for groups without qualified prior dental coverage. Benefit waiting periods still apply to voluntary plans.
  • Orthodontic coverage is available for adults and dependent children – must choose plan with orthodontic coverage.
  • Rates may vary based on participation:
    • Groups with less than 60% of their eligible employees selecting a dental product will generally have higher dental rates.
    • Groups with 90% of eligible employees participating will generally have lower dental rates.
    • If you are uncertain of the participation level of the group, Aetna recommends using a participation level of 60% to 89% that will neither surcharge nor discount the rates.
    • To purchase dental coverage, a minimum of 30% of eligible employees must enroll.
  • Rates for 10-100 will be based on where the employee resides, rather than the employer location (zip code), as well as age, gender and tier. Be certain to use the employee home zip code when quoting to get an accurate proposal.
  • Ineligible industries will still apply to standalone business. All industries are eligible when written with medical.

Groups with 2-9 eligible

  • Aetna offers DMO, Freedom of Choice and PPO plans.
  • Groups with 2 or more eligible can enroll without purchasing Aetna medical coverage.
  • All SIC codes are eligible if dental is purchased with medical.
  • There is still a one-year waiting period for major services.
  • Rates continue to be based on employer location.

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