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Special Open Enrollment Windows

Dec 30, 2008

As announced through separate communications, the majority of the Beere & Purves Small Group medical carriers will hold a Special Open Enrollment Window allowing groups and members to move into specific plans within each of their portfolios. For your convenience, we have consolidated the details for each of the carriers listed below into a single communication.

Use the link below to view the document. Please note that the links within the document should also be utilized to access additional resources, including forms and applications.

Special Open Window Details

If your clients choose to make HSA-Compatible plans available to their employees, take advantage of the HSA backpack, created for you and your clients by Beere & Purves. The HSA backpack provides the tools and resources to simplify the learning curve and drive participation in your client’s HSA programs.

The HSA backpack and other HSA related resources are available on the beere&purves website. Once you log in, simply click on the HSA backpack logo located in the right hand column. You can download all the materials for both 2008 and 2009.

Contact a member of your dedicated B&P Sales Team for more information regarding the Special Open Windows and to learn more about how the HSA backpack can be branded as your own.

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