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Straight Talk for Large Group Brokers: A Message from Larry Tallman

Mar 19, 2013

With this first Straight Talk of 2013, I am pleased to welcome you to a new year, and introduce you to some of the new ideas and products we are implementing.

Our industry continues to experience large changes. As a partner in the growth of your business, Health Net is here to guide you through these changes by helping you make the most of the opportunities that exist.

We’ve designed two new offerings to deliver the right solutions to employer groups looking for clear cash flow advantages and greater transparency in their health care benefits. Our funding options, Self-Funding Solution and Flexible Funding Solution, meet these needs and give employer groups the opportunity to gain more control of their health care dollars.

Western Region
Health Net’s Self-Funding Solution is available to employer groups of 100+ employees in California, Arizona and Oregon/Washington. Key advantages of the Self-Funding option include:

  • Enhanced reporting packages offering greater transparency.
  • Limited financial risk through available specific and stop-loss coverage.
  • Under regulation of the U.S. Department of Labor, these plans are exempt from:
    • the federal insurer fee (due in 2014 as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA),
    • state premium taxes,
    • most individual state regulatory mandates, and
    • several of the ACA requirements.

Health Net’s Flexible Funding Solution is available to California employer groups of 500+ employees. Key advantages of the Flexible Funding option include:

  • Health Net’s negotiated capitated rates apply directly to groups’ health services.
  • Groups fund their fee-for-service claims as they occur (rather than paying an up-front premium).
  • Overall risk protection limiting employer aggregate costs to 100–150 percent of expected claims (through a maximum annual premium).
  • Full compliance with all state and federal mandates, including ACA and HIPAA requirements.


To support your sales, flyers are available for each funding option. Go to > select your region > Forms and Brochures > Large Group Plans to view and download these materials. Or, for your convenience:

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, call me or your local  Health Net sales consultant.

There is a vital place for all of us in the future of health care. Health Net is providing the way forward, and we wish you great success in 2013!



Larry Tallman
Chief Sales Officer, Western Region
Large Group and Major Accounts
(818) 676-6543

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