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Take Action Today on Health Care Reform

Dec 10, 2009

The United States Senate is poised to close their debate on federal health care reform shortly and now is the time to consider
contacting your Senators on this important issue. And if you have already contacted your Senators, now is a good time to consider reminding them of your stance on the issue.

Throughout the health care reform debate, WellPoint has sought to partner with Anthem Blue Cross' elected leaders in both parties to pursue responsible, sustainable reform that lowers costs and increases access. Anthem does not believe the current legislation meets these goals, and as this national debate reaches its final stages, Congress needs to hear from individuals who are concerned about the consequences of well-intended but flawed reforms.

The proposal released by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will (D-NV) will have a significant, negative impact on the cost and nature of coverage for our customers. Further, Anthem believes it will cause more problems for the private health insurance market than it will solve without reducing the growth in underlying health care costs. Anthem has outlined their preliminary concerns on a number of handouts, which are available here.

While WellPoint continues to support health care reform, Anthem cannot support reform that fails to address the cost and quality issues in the health care delivery system and undermines the bipartisan consensus for responsible and sustainable reform.

That is why Anthem encourages you to get involved in their grassroots effort , which provides a fast and easy way for you to get involved in the health care reform debate, and to ask others to participate as well.

There are several opportunities to make your voice heard:

  1. Go to right away and sign up to be a part of Anthem's grassroots campaign. When you register you will learn who your representatives are in Washington.
  2. Write a letter. Once you register at, you will have the opportunity to send an e-mail to your elected officials.
  3. Make a toll-free phone call to share your views with your federal lawmaker. Just call 1-866-997-6872 toll free, enter your PIN-181283, listen to the brief instructions, and you will be automatically patched through to your federal lawmakers.
  4. Join the over 8,600 fans at Health Action Network's Facebook Page. While the company doesn't allow access to Facebook at work, you can use Facebook at home, and share our Health Action Network with your friends, neighbors and family members.
  5. Alert your network of friends and family through Anthem's Website and Facebook page about the need to contact Congress in the coming days.
Please join your colleagues and the rest of the health plan community in showing support for workable health care reform that lowers costs and is sustainable for future generations.
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