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UHC November Network Negotiations

Nov 13, 2014

UnitedHealthcare of California and UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company offer one of the most comprehensive provider networks in California. Their goal is to ensure their members have easy access to quality, affordable health care services.

UHC Wants to Keep You Informed
To better serve their customers, UnitedHealthcare wants to advise you of locally-based ​net​work contracts (medical groups/IPAs and facilities) that are within 60 days of renewal and in advance of member notifications. UHC also wants to keep you updated on ongoing negotiations and successful network contract extensions and renewals. 

Routine Renewal Cycle
UHC's provider networks in California are comprised of more than 58,000 physicians and health care professionals. Their normal business cycle warrants the renewal of a number of these network contracts at the end of the calendar year. It is important to keep in mind that a vast majority of UHC's medical groups/IPAs and hospital partners choose to renew their network contracts — with less than 2% percent resulting in an actual network contract termination.  

Member Notification
Per regulatory and contractual obligations, affected members (those that are assigned to the medical group/IPA or those assigned to the medical group/IPA whose hospital care is being redirected to a new hospital or have received services at the facility in the last 12 months) will be notified in advance of a network contract’s pending expiration date. Although a vast majority of medical groups/ IPAs and facilities renew their network contracts, timely notification of a potential network contract termination can help members plan accordingly in the event UHC is unable to reach a mutually acceptable network contract. If a network contract expires, the facility or medical Group/IPA will no longer be part of UHC's provider network and members will be advised as follows: 

Many of UHC's network physicians have privileges at other local hospitals. They will actively assist physicians with sole privileges at a termed facility in obtaining privileges at alternate facilities. 

Fair and Reasonable Contracts
It’s important for you to know that as the steward of your health care dollars, UnitedHealthcare does everything possible to contain the rising cost of health care. Continuity and access to top quality, affordable health care for UHC's members are key priorities during network contract negotiations. 

UHC works hard to ensure that contracted medical groups/IPAs and hospitals are reimbursed at a rate that is not only fair and reasonable, but consistent with trends in their respective local markets. 

UHC will continue to keep you updated on the outcome of these network contract negotiations. If you have any questions, please ​contact a member of your b&p Sales Team - 888.722.3373.

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