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UHC Vision versus the Spectra Eyecare Network

Feb 10, 2017

UnitedHealthcare Vision versus the Spectra Eyecare Network: Deciphering the Difference

​UnitedHealthcare’s vision insurance offering is powered by the Spectera Eyecare Networks. UnitedHealthcare owns and operates the Spectera Eyecare Network, which is the second largest eye care network in the country. Spectera Eyecare Network provides UnitedHealthcare members a choice between private practice and retail providers for routine eye care and materials. 

Why is it called the Spectera Eyecare Network versus UnitedHealthcare vision? 

Vision doctors are included in the UnitedHealthcare medical networks for vision emergencies. Therefore, to avoid claims and member experience issues between emergency care versus routine care, a separate vision network name was created for clear division between the medical emergency eye doctors and the vision network doctors for routine care and materials. 

Any provider in the Spectera Eyecare Network accepts UnitedHealthcare vision. Additionally, vision materials are branded with the Spectera Eyecare Networks name to help familiarize you and your clients’ members with Spectera.

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