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Uniform Modifications Sent to UHC Fully-Insured Groups

Dec 12, 2014

As a reminder, Uniform Modification letters —which explain coverage changes that will take effect with 2015 renewals — are being sent to customers. These state-specific notifications are being released as part of new federal law requirements.

Small business customers in the 1-50 segment, as well as customers in Arizona and Wisconsin in the 51+ segment, started receiving notifications with their January 2015 renewals. Notifications in the 51+ segment for other states will begin with March 2015 renewals.

Uniform Modification is an exception to guaranteed renewability requirements. In the past, carriers have been permitted to make coverage changes in the group market at renewal – subject to certain state and federal implementation and notice requirements. 

New federal law requirements related to Uniform Modification will impact the scope, timing, content, and prominence of these notices. 

For questions regarding these Uniform Modification notifications or any other communications impacting your customers coverage, please ​contact a member of your b&p Sales Team - 888.722.3373.

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