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Update from Scott St. Clair: Health Net's 2-50 Portfolio

Oct 09, 2013

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is bringing numerous changes to health care. As our valued business partner, we recognize the importance of keeping you well-informed of any changes that affect your clients’ health benefit coverage. With that in mind, we’re sharing details with you about Health Net’s upcoming 2014 ACA-compliant Small Business Group (SBG) portfolio.

We have evaluated our portfolio to ensure you and your clients have the most valuable array of quality benefits from which to choose. As a result, we’re streamlining our SBG product portfolio to give you affordable, sustainable solutions that best meet the needs of your small business clients, and bolster your business-building potential. 

Effective January 1, 2014, the following plans and policies will replace all of our existing non-grandfathered Small Employer plans and policies and will be available upon your clients’ next renewal date in 2014:

Health Net of California, Inc. Health Net Life Insurance Company

WholeCare HMO Platinum $15

PPO Platinum $20/$0
WholeCare HMO Platinum $20 PPO Gold $30/$0
WholeCare HMO Platinum $25 PPO Silver $45/$1500
WholeCare HMO Platinum Standard Copay PPO Bronze $60/$5000
WholeCare HMO Gold $35  
WholeCare HMO Gold $45  
WholeCare HMO Gold Standard Copay  
Salud HMO y Mas Platinum $15  
Salud HMO y Mas Platinum $20  
Salud HMO y Mas Platinum $25  
Salud HMO y Mas Gold $35  
Salud HMO y Mas Gold $45  

Notifying employer groups

Notifying our SBG employer groups of this change is a top priority. Health Net is sending notices to affected employer groups who are renewing on or after January 1, 2014. Copies of the employer notices for Health Net of California, Inc. HMO plans and Health Net Life Insurance Company PPO insurance plans are attached. More details, including Health Net SBG plan options that are comparable to their existing plan, will be provided to them in their 60-day renewal notice. You’ll receive this information in advance of your client in your renewal packet.

Employer groups enrolling into Health Net’s A Sure Thing Option program with a plan effective date of December 1, 2013, will continue with that program’s plan, until they make the decision to no longer participate in A Sure Thing Option.

Your client will need to choose another plan by their contract renewal date. If your client does not choose an alternate plan, Health Net will enroll your client in a plan most similar to that client’s current coverage. 

Health Net of California, Inc. HMO Plans

Health Net of California has filed with the Department of Managed Health Care for regulatory approval to withdraw our current HMO plans from the market and to offer replacement benefit designs. The letter we are providing to your client is the required prior notice of discontinuance of their plan on their next renewal date, pending regulatory approval. We are also required to send a letter to your HMO client’s employees of this change in coverage. Copies of these employee letters are also included with this notice, along with the California Health Insurance Exchange (Covered California) notice regarding applying for coverage through Covered California, which was required by the DMHC to be included with all employer and employee notices sent to clients enrolled in a Health Net HMO plan.

We look forward to our continued partnership as we work together to provide quality health care solutions for the members of our community.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please reach out to your Health Net Account Executive or Account Management at 1-800-447-8812. 


Scott St. Clair
Chief Sales Officer, Western Region
Individual & Small Business Group 

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