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Update on Congressional Action for Health Care Reform

Mar 17, 2010

Health Care Reform Update

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MARCH 16, 2010


Congress Poised for Action on Federal Health Care Reform

Congress is poised to take the next step in the debate over federal health care reform. We continue to be concerned that the legislation fails to deliver on the promise of sustainable health care reform and has a number of shortcomings, including:

  • Does far too little to control underlying health care costs
  • Causes a dramatic increase in premiums for many people in the health insurance marketplace
  • Represents a significant government expansion into the private health care sector
  • Accelerates future federal budget deficits

Throughout the health care reform debate, we have sought to partner with elected officials in both parties to pursue responsible, sustainable reform that lowers costs and increases access to quality health care. While we continue to support health care reform, we cannot support reform that fails to address the cost and quality issues in our current health care delivery system and undermines the bipartisan consensus for responsible and sustainable health care reform.

While the White House continues to ask for Congress to finish work by March 18th, it appears more likely the House of Representatives will begin voting as early as this week. The exact process the Congress will use remains unknown, but it appears that the first step will be for the House to take up and attempt to pass the Senate bill that passed in December. If the House's effort is successful, then the Congress would move to the reconciliation process. 

We have updated the Health Action Network for your convenience so that you and others may continue to monitor the debate and participate in it if you are so inclined. At the website, you can access a range of resources, including:

  • Weekly email newsletter outlining the latest developments in the debate
  • Language of the actual legislation
  • Policy information from our company and a range of other organizations
  • Tools that allow you to contact your elected officials

We encourage you to log onto and participate in this ongoing discussion, which will have a profound impact on the entire health care system and our nation's long-term fiscal health.

Register now with the Health Action Network and join others in our industry who want their opinion heard by lawmakers.

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