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What is bpCensus?

bpCensus is a secure and convenient web tool available from beere&purves to help you and your clients collect the data required to generate insurance proposals.

Why should I use bpCensus?

Dates of birth and home zip codes for employees and their dependents are required to produce insurance proposals and some employers don’t maintain or have easy access to this personal information. bpCensus expedites the process of collecting and/or assembling this data for the creation of insurance proposals and employee worksheets.

Is bpCensus secure?

Yes. bpCensus uses https security to ensure employee and dependent data remains secure. Employees will not be asked to share their Social Security Number since they are not required to obtain insurance rates.

Can I generate a Small Group 1-100 proposal in bpQuote without using bpCensus?

Yes. bpCensus is only one option your clients can employ to collect and share census data but it is likely the best option for saving time and minimizing errors if the employer does not already store this information in a central location.

Is bpCensus part of bpQuote?

No. bpCensus is not part of bpQuote, but it can certainly simplify and improve the quoting process with convenient export and import features.

How do I access bpCensus?

Login links will be conveniently located on the beere&purves website or you can use the link below to create a favorites or shortcut link, https://bpcensus.benefitfront.com/Account/Login.aspx.

How can I learn more?

User videos to share with your clients and their employees are currently in production. Stay tuned. Detailed instructions may also be requested from your b&p Sales Team.

Who may I contact with more detailed questions?

Please contact Jeanette Griffin or Ruben Reyna at 888.722.3373.

Please contact Jeanette Griffin or Ruben Reyna at 888.722.3373 for assistance with bpCensus.

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