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Who We Are

Beere&Purves has been involved in the insurance industry since 1929, growing into a General Agency in 1994. Since our inception, our distinguished service and reliability has catapulted us into one of the largest General Agencies in California.

We are committed to helping brokers and agents of all sizes grow their business by offering quality products, services, tools, and customer support. Our dedication to providing traditional insurance sales support for brokers and agents of all sizes is the foundation of our success.

What Makes Us Best

Our Team

We’re not newbies. Our team’s combined years of experience gives you access to a seasoned, responsive staff with industry knowledge that runs both deep and wide. We share the belief that collaborative relationships help us achieve a mutual goal of success. After all, we are “the broker’s partner.”

Distinguishable Service

We know you have high expectations. So do we. That is why we find the right people for the right job, provide ongoing education, and we hire more people than we need to ensure we’re staffed when things get busy. One of our core values is to earn and be worthy of our customer’s trust. It’s one thing we feel sets us apart from the competition.

Earned Reputation

An allegiance to doing the right thing. Our ongoing relationships with the majority of the Bay Area’s top 100 houses has secured our reputation as a dependable, professional service organization. Maybe that’s why 95% of the business placed through B&P comes from existing customers; not a bad indicator of our integrity and accuracy of our work.

Employer Services

Education is a must. For employers with up to 200 employees, we provide enrollment materials and contribution worksheets, educate employees in a language they will understand, and we’ll train the HR contact on how to administer the plan. We’ll be around when they renew too. Oh yeah, we also offer perks for new groups with 20 or more medically enrolled.


One more area where we excel. We pride ourselves on the quality of our submissions, and based on feedback provided by our carrier partners, our cases are clean and can be moved to the top of the list. Our seasoned and proficient underwriters will work with the broker or the client (always the broker’s preference) to do whatever they can to ease the implementation process. We’ll even show you the statistics to prove that doing it right can be done timely.

Tools & Resources

Our efficiencies and knowledge benefit you. We continually work to improve our service levels by implementing new technologies and by creating detailed, consolidated, topic-specific resources that you can in turn share with your clients.

Communication & Education

We don’t send spam. Our monthly newsletter and periodic emails alert you to upcoming rate increases and keep you current with carrier and industry changes. They also include invitations to webinars with topics ranging from Health Care Reform compliance to generating a small group quote.

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