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TASC Webinar: COBRA Compliance - Introducing the Latest COBRA Administration Solution
COBRA is a complex set of laws and mistakes can be costly. Human resource professionals are already spread thin and administering COBRA in-house or with a disparate system can take up precious time that can be spent on other aspects of the business. TASC has been administering COBRA for over 30 years and can help save time and money, reduce risk and streamline workflows.

For years employers have asked for a single sign-on solution for continuation and benefit accounts, join TASC to learn more about the new MyTASC and why employers have picked TASC as their trusted solution.

During this presentation, TASC will present the following topics:
  • Who needs to comply with COBRA and why?
  • Employer pain points and why we developed new MyTASC
  • What benefits integrate with COBRA?
  • Universal user experience
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    TASC Webinar: Top 10 Employee Benefits to Attract & Retain an Engaged Remote or Hybrid Workforce
    The pandemic has changed the workforce with many employers electing to go remote permanently. However with the pandemic coming to an end, some employers are requiring employees to return to the office or creating a hybrid working environment where employees can work from home partially and the office partially.

    During this presentation, TASC will discuss:
  • Remote work trends impacting your employees and your business
  • How you can satisfy both remote workers and in-office workers
  • The top 10 benefits for attracting and retaining a remote/hybrid workforce
  • Why benefit plan customization is critical in the "new normal" work ecosystem
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