Aetna Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccine Aetna Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccine

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Mar 10, 2021

The COVID-19 immunization landscape is evolving as the vaccine rollout, which varies by state, continues across the country. In this webinar, Dr. Sree Chaguturu, MD and Chief Medical Officer of CVS Caremark®, will share the latest COVID-19 clinical information and vaccine rollout updates, and he will provide critical information on population prioritization.

He will be joined by Candace Jodice, Vice President, Human Resources - Benefits, CVS Health®, who will share a framework for how companies can think through employee vaccine education and immunization needs and what they should discuss with benefits providers.

Attendees will learn about:

  • The latest clinical updates and common questions
  • Prioritized populations and vaccine supply and distribution
  • The HR perspective - employee education and vaccination approach
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