GGAHU Event: Reducing Healthcare Cost with Yoga & Meditation GGAHU Event: Reducing Healthcare Cost with Yoga & Meditation

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Naama O. Pozniak, CEO of Paz Holding, Inc. / dba A+ Insurance, has created a course designed to introduce brokers, agents, and their clients, in /out field sales teams, underwriting, and policy makers to a new way of thinking about wellness. Naama is a Studio City -based benefits specialist with 30+ years of experience in the healthcare industry. She is a mother, a yogi, a speaker, a consultant, a healthcare benefits strategist, and a meditation instructor certified by the Chopra Center.

This is not an active physical course, therefore there is no concern for liability, need to wear athletic wear, nor even have a desire to exercise. It is an interactive lecture on the importance and application of meditation and yoga. By the end of the presentation, brokers and insurance professionals will have a greater understanding of the benefits and applicability of yoga, meditation, and other non-traditional techniques towards advancing the wellness of themselves and their clients and reducing overall medical spending. Methods to help reduce, stress and mental conditions will also be introduced. You will be well-equipped to return home and start your own meditation and yoga practice, Namaste.

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