Carrier Resource Library Instructions

Thanks for visiting our new Carrier Resource Library. This page compiles all of the carrier documents that are currently available on our Partner pages into one, centralized location. We hope this makes finding and downloading documents faster and easier.


We'd love to hear your feedback on the page so we can improve your experience. Please visit this feedback page if you'd like to share your input.

Overview & Instructions

The below screenshot outlines the following 10 features:

  1. Carrier Selection: Select a carrier to display their resources; you can change the carrier at any time without losing any of the documents you've selected.
  2. Search: Use this to search for specific documents within a carrier.
  3. Select All: This will toggle the results on the page to display all documents when toggled on (select all), or hide all documents when toggled off (deselect all).
  4. Check Box for Category: Use these check boxes to display or hide all documents within a given category.
  5. Check Box for Sub-Category: Use these check boxes to display or hide the documents within a specific sub-category.
  6. SBC Dates: Use this field to select the month you'd like to search for SBCs.
  7. Jump Arrow: Use the jump arrows to quickly navigate to that section of the page.
  8. Check Box in Gray Headers: Check these boxes if you wish to select or deselect all documents within a given sub-category.
  9. Check Box for a Specific Document: Check these boxes if you wish to select or deselect specific documents.
  10. View and Download Bar: This bar will appear at the bottom of your screen when you select your first document and will display the total number of documents you've selected for download.


View and Download Instructions

The following instructions and screenshot outline some of the features of the View and Download box:

  1. Documents: The document names will be listed in the left column.
  2. Carrier: The carrier column will show you the which carrier a document is for.
  3. Clear All: You can remove all of these documents by clicking the Clear All button.
  4. Clear X: You can remove specific documents by clicking the red X.
  5. Download: Click this button to download a zip file of the selected documents.

View and Download screenshot


Downloaded Zip Folder

Clicking download will create a zip folder with your selected documents. Each document will have the file name appended with the carrier name at the end so you can easily tell which carrier a document is for.

Zip Folder screenshot

We hope you find our new Carrier Resource Library to be helpful. If you enjoy the page or have feedback on how we could improve it, please let us know! We'd love to hear your feedback and will use it to shape the way we do business.

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