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Virtual Boot Camp

This unique, on-demand training experience provides practical knowledge for individuals who are new to the industry or are being trained to service the group benefits marketplace.

Group Benefits Training Videos

Click on the title of the video you'd like to watch below and complete the registration form to access training at your convenience!

B&P Value  Learn about the basics of General Agencies and how we can assist you with your book of business.
Industry Terminology Learn the fundimental industry and benefit terms you'll encounter in the Small Group market.
Carrier Overview Learn about each of B&P's carrier partners and their roles within the California Small Group market.
Underwriting Learn about the rules for ensuring sold groups get through underwriting.
Level Funding Learn about Level Funded products and their role within the California Small Group market.
Large Group  Learn the basics of the Large Group market and how B&P can assist you with your Large Group business
Ancillary Products  Learn about B&P's ancillary carrier partners and their products.
B&P Website Take a virtual tour of the B&P website and identify where you can access the resources you need to operate successfully.
bpQuote Training Learn about the basics of quoting with bpQuote, best practices, and quick tips to make the quoting process as efficient as possible.
Implementation & Ease Learn about what happens after a group is sold and how we can assist you, including with online enrollment through Ease.