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Aetna is Connecting CA HMO members to More Walk-in Clinics

Expanded walk-in clinic access for everyday care needs

Treating minor injuries and illnesses doesn’t have to mean hours or even days of lost time for your clients’ employees.


Walk-in clinics can simplify and speed up care. No referrals are needed, and the only cost is the PCP copay.


For more coordinated care, most in-network walk-in clinics will share clinical data from a visit with the member’s primary care doctor.


The in-network walk-in clinics can help with:

  • Minor illnesses (flu, infections and body aches)
  • Minor injuries (blisters, burns, wounds and minor sprains)
  • Screening and monitoring (asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure)
  • Skin conditions (minor infections, rashes, sunburn and poison ivy)
  • Wellness and physicals (pregnancy testing, weight evaluations)*


Find out more about Aetna's additional, in-network walk-in clinics at


For questions, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team - 888.722.3373.



*Most wellness and physicals are no cost to member.