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Aetna Offers Care Within Reach

Aetna makes it easier for your employees to get convenient care close to home at a local, in-network walk-in clinic or pharmacy, including MinuteClinic® locations.


A strong workforce starts with healthier employees

When your employees visit nearby MinuteClinic locations, they can get the same quality care that they would at an urgent care center or hospital for a variety of services. This includes vaccinations, physical screenings, care for chronic conditions and more.


In fact, 58% of Aetna small business plan members live near a MinuteClinic — within 5 miles for urban and suburban members and within 10 miles for rural members.¹


Local care options can help:

  • Employees spend less time away from work
  • Make health care costs lower and more predictable
  • Support a potentially healthier, more productive workforce


When your employees get convenient care, it pays off.


Click here to learn how to help your employees be their best, right in their neighborhood.


For questions or help with an Aetna quote, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team - 888.722.3373.



1 Internal GeoAccess report based on Aetna® book of business membership, November 2021. “Near” is defined as the member being within five (urban)/five (suburban)/ten (rural) miles of a store location.