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Aetna Whole Health EPO & MC Plans

A New Way of Looking at Health Care 

Aetna Whole Health EPO and MC plans 

With a multitude of benefits, these new plans are designed to: 

  • Help clients save money 
  • Reward doctors for improving patient care quality 
  • Lower medical cost growth over time by reducing waste, improving care coordination, and closing care gaps 

Aetna does this by: 

  • Engaging members with proactive, doctor-driven outreach 
  • Sharing data to get members the care they need when they're at risk for certain conditions 
  • Coordinating members' care within the network to avoid out-of-network claims 
  • Closing gaps in care and enhancing the overall health care experience 

That's member-focused, doctor-driven health care! 

Aetna Whole Health (AWH) plans can help your clients create a healthier workforce and can also save them money. In fact, AWH plans target 8 - 15 percent savings when compared to broad network Aetna plans.* 

New Aetna Whole Health plans

- Value-based organizations that strive to improve their patients’ health with better coordinated care at a lower cost.

- Keep tabs on all of their patients whether they're healthy, at risk, or managing a chronic condition.

- Proactively address health issues before they become a problem,

- Enhance communication and data sharing between doctors, specialists, labs, emergency rooms, and skilled nursing facilities. 

  • Memorial Care - Los Angeles/Orange Counties 
  • SCIPPA - Santa Clara County IPA 
    • 260+ primary care doctors 
    • 400+ specialists 
    • 4 hospitals 
    • 40+ urgent care centers 
    • ​SCIPPA Network Map
  • Providence - Los Angeles County - (approval pending)

Same 5 plan designs offered on each Aetna Whole Health network 

  • 2 MC plan designs 
  • 3 EPO plan designs 

Choose from 3 different EPO health plans and 2 different MC plans designed to improve health outcomes at a lower cost by transforming care delivery.

What you should know 

  • Quoting now for 2017 effective date for Small Group (1-100). 
  • Members enrolling in an MC/EPO plan go to any doctor in the selected network that best meets their health care needs. No PCP selection required. 
  • Simple administration with common Aetna Whole Health plans.

For questions, please ​contact a member of your B&P Sales Team - 888.722.3373.

*Actual results may vary. Savings may be less when compared to other value-based network plans.​