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Anthem's Optional PCP Selections Improve Health and Lower Costs

​A strong relationship between members and their primary care physicians (PCP) is important to promoting wellness, improving health and reducing costs. Optional PCP Selection helps members choose a PCP. And when they do so, Anthem can reach out to that doctor with reminders about tests and services the member may need. 

A little background 

Anthem is moving from volume-based to value-based payment models, rewarding doctors when they improve patient health and affordability. This approach focuses on the quality of care doctors give, not the number of patients they see. That focus can be seen in Anthem's work with providers and in payment innovations like Enhanced Personal Health Care (EPHC), known nationally as Blue Distinction Total Care. Through the EPHC approach, members get the right level of care that’s best for them, at the right time. 

Optional PCP Selection 

When members choose an EPHC doctor from their plan's network as their PCP, they’re helping Anthem help them. In just a matter of weeks, not months, members can be designated to the PCP of their choice. When members choose an EPHC PCP, this lets Anthem keep doctors in the loop when their patients visit an emergency room or have a hospital stay. Anthem can share other resources, too, that help doctors promote wellness with their patients. The goal is to have everyone working together, so a member’s overall care makes the most sense for that individual. 

Designate a PCP 

To engage members in their value-based model, Anthem encourages them to pick a PCP, even if doing so is not required by their health care plan. That's why they call it Optional PCP Selection. It's not something members have to do, but there are many good reasons for designating a PCP. Members can do so by visiting the Anthem website at ​, by calling Customer Service at the number on their member ID card, or by asking their employer to complete the Optional PCP Selection on Employer Access. 

Read ​Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about Optional PCP Selection, and why it's a good thing for your group clients. 

Optional PCP Selection is not planned for use in attribution outside of our core service area for the foreseeable future.

For questions, please ​contact a member of your B&P Sales Team - 888.722.3373.