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Anthem's Renewal Process Has Never Been Easier!

Small business owners have a lot on their minds and even more on their plates. That’s why Anthem is relaunching their annual pre-renewal campaign this month. It’s designed to retain Small Groups and make it easier than ever for them to renew with Anthem. The campaign:

  • Encourages Small Groups to renew with Anthem.
  • Highlights Anthem's best-in-class tools and resources that can help employers simplify their administrative tasks and streamline benefits management.


The difference between this new pre-renewal campaign and ones in years past is that employers receive emails only. The campaign takes a two-touch approach:

  • About 15-20 days before groups are scheduled to receive renewal kits for their particular renewal month, they’ll get a "Pre-Renewal" email to let them know their kits are on the way.
  • About 15-20 days after groups receive their renewal kits, they’ll get an “At Renewal” email to remind them their renewal kits should’ve arrived.


Each email contains a customized renewal website with tools to help groups decide on a plan.


Anthem is excited to bring back this campaign and hope you will be, too! They look forward to helping your clients get the most from their benefits.


For questions, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team - 888.722.3373.