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Anthem's Whole Health Plans Explained

Beginning in 2021, Anthem is offering a Whole Health (WH) benefit to seven of their most popular medical plans. These Whole Health plans include enhanced dental and vision coverage for adults and children, helping employees create good habits and identify conditions early to improve their health and lower costs.


Whole Health plans are ideal for smaller groups or groups that do not currently offer specialty coverage as they offer one plan, one contract code, one enrollment process, and one single combined rate at an affordable premium.


Whole Health plans are noted with “WH” at the end of the plan name:

  • Platinum PPO 5/250/15% WH
  • Gold PPO 35/500/25% WH
  • Gold PPO 35/1000/20% WH
  • Silver PPO 45/1750/40% WH
  • Silver PPO 55/2500/45% WH
  • Bronze PPO 5600/45% w/HSA WH


These seven plans are also available without the Whole Health enhanced dental and vision, just look for the same name without the "WH" at the end.


Enhanced Embedded Dental and Vision Summary

Anthem’s Whole Health Specialty flyer shows the enhanced dental and vision benefits included in the new Whole Health plans.



Rating Comparison

Premiums for the Whole Health plans with the enhanced dental and vision are about 3% to 6% higher than the same plans without these enhancements depending on the plan and region.


Below is a rate comparison for Contra Costa County (Region 5) showing the January 1, 2021 rates for a few ages on the standard Platinum PPO 5/250/15% compared to the Whole Health version of the same plan (Platinum PPO 5/250/15% WH) with the enhanced dental and vision.



Platinum PPO 5/250/15%

Platinum PPO 5/250/15% WH

$ Change for WH

% Change for WH





































Strategy for Selling Whole Health Plans

While the Whole Health plans have a lot of value to offer with their simple administration, benefits, and affordable cost, some employees may be looking for more robust specialty coverage. Employers can leverage Anthem’s portfolio by offering plans with and without the Whole Health enhanced coverage plus standalone Anthem dental and/or vision coverage.

  • Employees looking for a more affordable comprehensive coverage can select the Whole Health medical plans which include the enhanced dental and vision.
  • Employees looking for more robust specialty coverage can elect a plan without the Whole Health enhancement and then enroll in standalone Anthem specialty coverage.


Members that elect a Whole Health plan will be considered valid waivers for determining standalone dental and vision participation with Anthem.


For questions on Anthem’s new Whole Health plans or help with a quote, please contact your B&P Sales Rep - 888.722.3373.