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Are You Quoting Level Funding?

Level funding may be a great option to consider as it provides the best of fully insured and self-insured coverages in a simple product. Groups get the security of fixed monthly payments and can potentially receive a surplus refund when medical claims are lower than expected, along with some other great benefits.


B&P can quote level funded options with Aetna Funding Advantage (AFA), Anthem Blue Cross Balanced Funding (ABF), and UnitedHealthcare Level Funded (ULF). We’re seeing an increase in level funded quotes and sales as the rates and benefits are more competitive than ever.


Below are some basics of level funded with our carriers. Feel free to reach out to your B&P Sales Rep at 888.722.3373 to see if level funding is right for any of your groups.


Who is typically a “good fit” for level funded?

  • PPO-heavy groups
  • Groups desiring richer benefits than ACA
  • Groups looking for composite rates, especially if they are exiting a trust, PEO, or large group
  • Groups wanting to be actively engaged in their health plan, transparency, and reporting capabilities
  • Healthier groups will likely see better rates


How big does a group need to be to quote level funded?

  • Aetna: 10 enrolled to 100 eligible
  • Anthem: 20 enrolled to 100 eligible
  • UHC: 5 enrolled to 100 eligible


See our Level Funding resource to learn more about these offerings, including their stop loss details, plan types, networks, and more. 


Important reminders

  • Level funding requires more lead time, the quoting process can take up to a week
  • All carriers will offer 50% surplus refunds
  • AFA and ULF are for small group, ABF is available in small and large group
  • Kaiser small group will not write next to composite rates