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CalChoice: COVID-19 Anthem Blue Cross Premium Credit

The global coronavirus pandemic has created an unprecedented situation affecting everyone. CaliforniaChoice, on behalf of Anthem Blue Cross, wants to help and support their customers during this challenging time which is why Anthem Blue Cross has elected to forgive a percentage of group's Anthem April 2020 premium.


CaliforniaChoice has applied a one-time 15 percent credit for all members enrolled on Anthem during the month of April to existing group’s September 2020 invoice. The credit is part of Anthem’s COVID-19 related premium forgiveness program, calculated based on a percentage of a group’s Anthem April premium which will be reflected on the group’s September invoice with a change code of “CO” indicating a correction in premium for this one-time credit. New business groups effective 9/01/2020 or later do not qualify.


The premium credit of 15 percent will not affect your broker commission.


Anthem Blue Cross has also included terminated groups that have paid their Anthem April premium in their COVID-19 premium forgiveness program. A check reflecting the one-time 15 percent Anthem credit will be sent directly to the group. 


On behalf of Anthem Blue Cross, CaliforniaChoice hopes the premium credit will provide some financial relief, contribute to a group's financial wellness, and demonstrate how highly they value your group’s business. 


If you have questions related to this credit, please contact CaliforniaChoice Customer Service at 800-558-8003. 


For questions, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team - 888.722.3373.