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Cigna + Oscar Exiting Small Group Market in 2025

Oscar has made the decision not to renew the Cigna + Oscar small group offering in 2025. While groups have the opportunity to sign up for, or renew, coverage through December 15, 2024, Cigna + Oscar has requested that any rates be removed from the quote engine through the end of the year. bpQuote has been updated to accommodate this request.


Please note: You will not be able to quote new Cigna + Oscar coverage within bpQuote beginning with June 1, 2024, effective dates, however, you can still quote new hire rates within bpQuote for any inforce groups with effective dates prior to May 31, 2024.


Cigna + Oscar provided the following FAQs:

Brokers and groups that need to quote Cigna + Oscar business between now and the end of the year will need to do so through their Oscar accounts at

  • The last date for small groups to purchase, or renew, Cigna + Oscar plans will be December 15, 2024. 
  • The last date of member coverage under Cigna + Oscar will be December 14, 2025.  
  • Members can continue to utilize their benefits with the designated cost shares until the end of their coverage period 


For questions or help with a Cigna + Oscar group, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team - (888) 722-3373.