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Cigna + Oscar Improves Provider Eligibility Verification

Nov 13, 2023

Cigna + Oscar is committed to creating the best member experience possible. They've introduced improvements to facilitate easier access to care for your Cigna + Oscar clients and their employees, including:



Effective 11/1/2023, Cigna Healthcare has added all Cigna + Oscar members to the Cigna Healthcare commercial eligibility check, 


Providers will able to use the Cigna payor ID to check eligibility instead of Oscar’s

When members go to an appointment, providers can search their plan and coverage under Cigna Healthcare’s name

Electronic Eligibility Verification Update

When a member visits a provider’s office, that member’s eligibility can be confirmed by the provider’s office calling the telephone number on the ID card or by requesting eligibility verification electronically

Enhanced member ID cards to include Cigna payor ID and logo 

When members show their ID card, it is clear visually to a provider that Cigna Healthcare’s network is being used, not Oscar’s

Enhanced Provider FAQs 

If questions arise with providers, Cigna + Oscar has comprehensive resources to educate those providers on the partnership and network 

Continued rounds of educational mailings to provider partners and hospital systems

Cigna + Oscar is continually reaching out to in-network facilities to assure them of their status with Cigna + Oscar 

For questions or help with a Cigna + Oscar quote, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team - 888.722.3373.

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