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Delta Dental Plan & Rate Updates Effective January 2023

Delta Dental announced plan and rate updates for January 1, 2023 effective dates, rates are available for quoting!


Plan Updates

Delta Dental is updating their portfolio to include:

  • New Core plan. The Core 200 plan is being replaced by the leaner Core 201 plan, which features 100/80/0 coverage with a $750 annual maximum. Core/Buy-Up plans will use the new Core 201 offering as the Core plan that will include an additional maximum that is not available on the stand-alone plan. Core/Buy-Up plan maximums for 2023 are:
    • $750 Core / $1,500 Buy-Up
    • $1,000 Core / $2,000 Buy-Up
  • Higher annual maximum and more orthodontic coverage. Advantage 200 and 400 plans (Advantage 200 and 300 in Louisiana and Texas) are getting a higher annual maximum of $3,000 and adding orthodontics options for adults and children.
    • Orthodontics for adults and children are being offered with a $1,000 or $1,500 lifetime maximum for these plans.
  • Reduced participation requirements. The employer-paid participation requirement for adult orthodontics has dropped from 25 employees to five. 
  • New Dual Choice plan. Dual Choice 4 features the new Core 201 plan as the low plan and Advantage 200 as the high plan with limited maximum options:
    • $750 Low / $1,500 High
    • $1,000 Low / $2,000 High
    • Voluntary is limited to $750 Low / $1,500 High
  • More options for D&P Maximum Waiver and orthodontics. These options have been added to the following plans:
    • The Buy-Up plan for Core/Buy-Up
    • Both plans for Dual Choice 3 or high plan only 
    • The high plan for Dual Choice 4 


In addition, new business rates with effective dates from 1/1/23 to 12/1/23 are guaranteed for a one-year contract period.


Book Rates

Delta Dental’s January 2023 book rates will be added to the B&P website as soon as they become available.


For questions or help with a 2023 Delta Dental quote, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team – 888.722.3373.