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Earn a Total Replacement Reward By Enrolling Cigna + Oscar with Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente provides a fast and easy enrollment process that supports you and your clients as you transition Cigna + Oscar clients. Cigna + Oscar will not enroll in or renew any small group plans after January 1, 2025. Clients enrolled in these plans must find alternative healthcare providers upon their 2025 renewal. 


Kaiser Permanente encourages you to review your client's current Cigna + Oscar coverage early, consider offering Kaiser Permanente as a total replacement option, and get rewarded. 


Offering simplified underwriting processes

Kaiser Permanente offers a dedicated team, simplified underwriting processes, and same-day approvals for California small group businesses affected by the Cigna + Oscar market exit. At anytime, you may submit your new Kaiser Permanente group online at Self-service capabilities that make it easy to enroll, submit new group applications and view the real-time status of submitted applications.


Or contact B&P and provide the following: 

  • Small Group Employer Application 
  • Employee Enrollment  
    • Spreadsheet enrollments 
    • Electronic signature forms 
  • Cigna + Oscar billing statement 
  • First month’s payment 


Get rewarded 

You can earn a Total Replacement reward for every new, qualified, transitioned small group. For more details on the Total Replacement reward and other bonus programs, please visit


Kaiser Permanente’s value-based care 


Kaiser Permanente wants to help you navigate this transition and ensure you have all the information you need to transition your clients and their employees.


Contact your B&P Sales Rep before your client's next renewal to efficiently enroll them as a total replacement into a Kaiser Permanente small group plan - (888) 722-3373.