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Guardian Pandemic Support Reminder

Guardian recently introduced the Guardian Pandemic Support Program* to help your clients manage costs and provide employees with affordable, uninterrupted access to dental care as practices reopen for elective treatments.


As part of the program, your clients with fully-insured Guardian dental and vision plans have a choice between an extended rate guarantee, or a premium credit.** They must make their election 30 days prior to their renewal date.


This means that for plans with September renewals, this election is required by July 31, 2020. If your clients have already sent Guardian their elections, thank you. Guardian may try to reach out to planholders who they still do not hear from but count on your help to ensure their selection is made on time. 


Your help is needed

30 days prior to their renewal date, please instruct your clients to email their choice, along with their name, company name and plan number, to You may use Guardian's sample communication template below to inform your clients.


Guardian values your partnership and thanks you for your help. Please contact your Guardian sales representative with any questions.


For questions, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team - 888.722.3373.



*Availability of financial assistance and dental benefit enhancements may vary by state.  Note that plans sitused in Alaska, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey are excluded.  In addition, California Knox-Keene plans and Washington sitused plans for groups under 51 lives are also excluded.

** Customers in an existing rate guarantee will receive the premium credit option. Rate guarantees are not available for groups in Kentucky, Rhode Island, New Mexico and with less than 51 lives in Florida.

Client communication template (copy and paste as needed)

Recognizing the significant impact of the pandemic on your business and your employees’ ability to receive dental care, Guardian has introduced a Pandemic Support Program to help you manage costs and provide affordable, uninterrupted access to dental care.


As part of the program, you can elect to receive a one-month premium credit for your fully-insured Guardian dental and vision plans or an extended rate guarantee on dental and vision.

  • Premium credit – the premium credit will be applied to your second bill after your renewal, beginning with September 2020 renewals through August 2021.
  • Rate guarantee – you may choose a two-year rate guarantee on both products.        


Immediate Action Needed: If you have not yet made your election, please send an email to 30 days prior to your Guardian renewal. You must indicate your choice and include your name, your company name and plan number.


Please contact me with any questions.