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Guardian Pandemic Support Reminder Election Update

As a reminder, Guardian introduced the Guardian Pandemic Support Program* to help your clients with fully-insured Guardian dental and vision plans be able to manage costs by choosing either a premium credit or extended rate guarantee.** The program was filed and approved, unless amended, in all 51 jurisdictions.


Many clients have already sent Guardian their elections for October renewals. However, there are still many outstanding elections for these renewing groups.


Guardian's goal is to ensure all customers benefit from this program. For groups with under 100 eligible lives renewing in October, Guardian will automatically apply the premium credit unless they receive an election of the rate guarantee by September 25, 2020.


To elect the rate guarantee, instruct your clients to email with their choice, along with their name, company name and plan number. To help you, Guardian will also be contacting planholders with email addresses on file who have not yet made their elections for September.


For groups with 100 or more eligible lives, Guardian will continue to be in touch and work with you to ensure the elections are made on time.


Guardian values your partnership and thanks you for your help. Please contact your Guardian sales representative with any questions.


For questions, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team - 888.722.3373.



*Availability of financial assistance and dental benefit enhancements may vary by state. Note that plans sitused in Alaska, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey are excluded. In addition, California Knox-Keene plans and Washington sitused plans for groups under 51 lives are also excluded.


** Customers in an existing rate guarantee will receive the premium credit option. Rate guarantees are not available for groups in Kentucky, Rhode Island, New Mexico and with less than 51 lives in Florida.