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Health Net Offers Q3 Underwriting Promo for Cigna + Oscar Groups

Health Net announced a new underwriting promotion for current Cigna + Oscar groups to seamlessly transition to Health Net coverage. This promotion is available from July 1st through September 15th effective dates.


Groups of 1-4 enrolling employees:

  • Prior carrier bill is required
  • DE9C, payroll, and ownership docs are NOT required
  • Must enroll 80% of prior carrier bill
  • No payroll required for additional enrolling employees
  • Groups enrolling less than 80% of prior carrier bill will be subject to standard UW and paperwork guidelines
  • All other UW and paperwork guidelines apply


Groups of 5+ enrolling employees:


As a reminder, Health Net does not need the physical waivers – they only require that the waivers be listed on the submitted census, and they only require just enough to verify the group meets their minimum participation requirement as opposed to all waivers.

  • Relaxed Waiver Requirement: You no longer have to collect all waivers from a group, just enough to verify that the group meets Health Net's minimum participation requirement.


Note: groups requesting multiple products will have to submit enough waivers to verify they meet the minimum participation requirement for each product.


For questions or help with a Health Net quote, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team - (888) 722-3373.