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Health Net's EOB 2.0 Makes Understanding Healthcare Costs Easier

At Health Net, they know that health coverage can be confusing for members - but it's important to understand. That's why they've improved their EOB and are telling members about it!


What's an EOB?

The acronym EOB stands for Explanation of Benefits. This is the document that a health plan sends its members after a recent health service. The EOB explains which costs are covered by the health plan (Health Net) and which costs must be covered by the member.


An EOB is not a bill. It's a report of what a member will be billed for in the future. 


What's special about Health Net's EOB 2.0?

Health Net's EOB 2.0 makes it easier for members to understand their healthcare costs. The EOB 2.0 offers them a better breakdown of who is paying what and why, and whether they can file for an appeal. By understanding this, members can ensure that they don't pay more than they have to.


For questions, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team - 888.722.3373.