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Health Net’s Large Group Portfolio: Here’s What’s New and Improved for 2023

For 2023, Health Net will transition to Enhanced Choice as the single quoted portfolio for California Large Group. Enhanced Choice will continue to utilize the “Pick Your Plan, Pick Your Network” strategy.


Health Net's 2023 Enhanced Choice portfolio delivers a strong mix of whole-health benefits and extra-value programs – making it attractive to your clients, and easy for you to sell.


Enhanced Choice – New for 2023

Health Net has refreshed the portfolio for 2023 with even more of their most popular plan designs and added new plans to meet the diverse needs of your employer groups. Health Net's new 2023 portfolio offerings equip you with choices to satisfy your clients – and keep your business growing!

What's New



New HMO/EOA Plan Designs

The following new plan designs will be added to the Enhanced Choice “Pick Your Plan, Pick Your Network” Strategy: 

  • 20/0/1500
  • 25/750a/3500


Full Network HMO, ExcelCare HMO, Full Network EOA, ExcelCare EOA, SmartCare HMO, CanopyCare HMO, Salud HMO y  Más, and PPO

New Deductible EOA/Salud Plan Designs

The following new plan designs will be added to the Enhanced Choice Deductible HMO/EOA portfolio: 

  • 25/750/20%/3500
  • 30/2000/30%/3500



Elect Open Access, ExcelCare EOA, Salud HMO y Más

New Chiropractic

and Acupuncture Benefits

PPO plans will transition to an optional rider-based approach for Chiropractic and Acupuncture benefits provided by the American Specialty Health (ASH) network. PPO Chiropractic and Acupuncture benefits will now mirror HMO benefits with optional standard $10 or $25 visit copays (30 visits limits per year).


Simple, Smart and Sustainable Values Continue: 


  • Pick your plan, Pick your network for Enhanced Choice: 16 standard plan designs available in Health Net's existing HMO/EOA products.



  • Ways for easy, early access to care with telehealth available through Babylon Health, and retail clinic access through MinuteClinic.
  • The essentials to complement medical coverage: dental, vision, chiropractic, acupuncture, life, wellness.
  • Health Net's Wellness Rewards Program supports members by rewarding them with a $50 gift card for taking their RealAge Test and sharing the results with their PCP. 



  • Expand your sales by offering any of Health Net's budget-friendly Salud HMO y Más plans on a standalone basis alongside Kaiser-only groups.
  • Affordable plans available in all products and networks.
  • Sell more PPO with Health Net's Enhanced Choice PPO-Only Package.
  • Multiproduct bundling discount program helps large groups get up to 3% off of their medical premiums.


Get ready to sell!


For questions or a Health Net Large Group quote, please contact your B&P Sales Rep - 888.722.3373.