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Health Net's Small Business Group Broker Bonus

Health Net's Small Business Group broker bonus pays $50 per member through December 1, 2020 effective dates. Below are the program guidelines.


Group/Membership Eligibility

  • Only new SBG plans with effective dates of 7/1/2020 through 12/1/2020 are eligible for the bonus program.
  • A Small Business Group consists of 1–100 employees; groups and members must be active at the end of the program quarter for brokers to be eligible for payment.
  • New SBG members are those who have the same enrollment effective date as the employer group’s original Health Net effective date (i.e., if an employer group’s original effective date is 4/1/20, then the members must also have an effective date of 4/1/20).
  • Bonus is based on the number of members with a Health Net medical plan. Enrollment in dental, vision, prescription drug, or life insurance plans, or covered by COBRA or other continuation plans, is not counted for bonus eligibility.
  • CalChoice groups sold through a broker are eligible.
  • Covered California for Small Business groups sold through a broker are eligible.
  • Ineligible: association business.


Broker Eligibility

  • Participating brokers must be in good standing with a current, signed Health Net broker contract and valid license on file.
  • To be credited, a broker must be the broker of record at the close of the qualifying quarter (i.e. for new groups effective in February and March, the broker of record on 3/31 qualifies).
  • Groups split with another broker for commission purposes will also be split for this bonus program.
  • General agents are excluded from participation; the credit for group business submitted via a general agent will be credited to the individual broker.
  • Bonus total will be determined 60 days after the end of each quarter (i.e. for groups effective in February and March, bonus total will be determined May 31). Membership numbers as of the date of the qualifying period report will be used to compute bonus payouts and will be considered final.
  • Payments will be reported on 1099s and 5500s.
  • Health Net reserves the right to change or terminate this program.


For questions, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team - 888.722.3373.