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Help Small Business Clients See Beyond Medical Insurance

It's no joke or secret that for small business owners cost is a key driver in most decision making. When trying to balance many financial obligations adding insurance programs can be a tough sell. MetLife's insightful white paper can help you warm the door by sharing real life examples of small businesses that added benefits to their offerings and how they did it.

  • Attracting the Best and Brightest: When it comes to recruiting and retaining employees, benefits matter—perhaps more than you think. Fifty-five percent of employees say they consider affordable benefits more important than salary while job hunting, according to a 2015 CareerBuilder survey. For Bill Carr, the CEO of Jacksonville, Florida-based Retirement Strategies, Inc. offering a comprehensive benefits program that includes dental, vision, HSA plans and even commuter savings options has allowed him to become a competitive employer in his market and enjoy top talent at his firm.
  • Keeping Employees Satisfied: Small businesses many times operate like a family and keeping employees satisfied and financially secure is important to owners. Cheryl Collins, Chief People Officer, at Oregon-based Ninkasi Brewing Company credits benefits beyond medical to helping employees succeed in the workplace.

    "Our belief is that we want to perpetuate better living, and if our employees are taken care of and they have options, then they’re more apt to succeed," she says.
  • Increased Productivity: Money worries plague many workers, and often those concerns can be a distraction from work, according to the MetLife Employee Benefit Trends Study. In fact, the study showed 46% of employees who are financially distressed believe they are less productive because of their money worries. Employers are taking note. Kevin Kent, the chief operating officer of Chicago-based ReviewTrackers, which offers employees a robust benefits package said, "We wanted our employees to be comfortable and to be able to focus on doing the best work of their career as opposed to worrying about their health or medical bills."

Help clients balance cost and employee needs. Download the white paper and explore more of what small businesses had to say about getting beyond medical.

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