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Kaiser Permanente December Broker Newsletter

Dec 29, 2023

Explore Kaiser Permanente's enhanced broker onboarding experience

Key steps to getting started, online resources packed with valuable information, and a series of welcome emails deliver an enhanced onboarding and welcome experience for newly appointed brokers. Additional guidance and touchpoints designed to set up newly appointed brokers for success will launch in 2024.



Check out the broker onboarding experience and access the new Broker Essentials Guide.



New Healthy Lifestyle Toolkit

Support a culture of workplace health and provide a foundation for employee well-being programs. This no-cost toolkit can help your clients encourage lasting lifestyle changes. Learn more.


Are your clients' overwhelmed by how to address inequities in their workforce?

Fully supporting workforce health goes beyond just offering health benefits and includes tackling social drivers of health to invest in employees’ long-term well-being. Share this article with your clients so they can learn how to gather and use social determinants of health data to address inequities and create successful programs.


Show your clients how KP is creating the future of healthcare

Let your clients know that at Kaiser Permanente, they are building new digital tools, such as mobile apps, websites, and more that make it easier for their members to manage their health and receive the care they need. Encourage your clients and their employees to download the Kaiser Permanente mobile app.


Support the mind, body, and spirit during the holidays

With the busy holiday season here, share these informative resources to help your clients reduce stress, maintain mental health, and care for themselves. Download.


Monthly Health Topic: Fitness

As the new year approaches, share Kaiser Permanente's fitness flyer and email to help your clients create and maintain a fitness routine, feel their best, and have more energy. Download.


Elevate your clients’ workforce health with Kaiser Permanente On-the-Job ®

Help your clients experience connected care for their employees, whether they are Kaiser Permanente members or not. Kaiser Permanente's dedicated health centers provide:

  • Specialized care for work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Care coordination by skilled doctors and specialists
  • Comprehensive clinical services including physical therapy, radiology, specialty care, and pharmacy
  • Access to urgent and after-hours care 24/7 at multiple locations
  • On-site staff support for seamless collaboration


Discover how Kaiser Permanente On-the-Job® enhances employee health, boosts productivity, and reduces litigation risks. Learn more.


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