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Kaiser Permanente: Mental Health Wellness Apps, Fighting Cancer Event, Medi-Cal Renewals, and More

Kaiser Permanente's most recent Broker Briefing provided important updates for Kaiser Permanente individual, small group, and large group markets.


Which mental health app is right for your clients’ workforces?

Mental health apps can be a good way for your clients to extend self-care support to their employees. Share this article to help your clients decide which apps might be most effective and worth the investment to add to their corporate wellness programs.


Reducing cancer and its long-term costs

Fighting Cancer with Kaiser Permanente is an annual, no-cost virtual event. Let your clients know it’s a chance to learn about Kaiser Permanente’s total health approach to preventing and treating cancer — and how it can result in lower costs for them and their employees. Register here for the event.


Medi-Cal renewals and terminations

Medi-Cal began redetermining eligibility again in April 2023, and terminations will begin in July in California for the first time in 3 years. New consumers, Medi-Cal enrollees losing their coverage, and your clients with employees who no longer meet the state’s Medi-Cal requirements will need help understanding their coverage options. Visit for more information.


Improving brain health to help keep employees at their best

The brain is in charge of almost everything in our bodies, but it can become less effective as we grow older. Share these resources on the simple steps your clients’ employees can take to improve their brain health.


Additional small business customer service support

You and your clients can now get additional customer service support through Employer Broker Services (EBS). For who to contact for service inquiries, visit small group services at