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Kaiser Permanente October Broker Newsletter

2024 enrollment support and resources

Enabling your clients to choose the right health plan is an essential part of supporting their overall health. Help guide your clients through the 2024 enrollment process — from choosing a plan and estimating costs to learning how to access care and get the most out of their coverage.


Redesigned broker home page to manage your book of business

Kaiser Permanente is launching an updated home page for brokers on the B2B website at the end of October. All of the functions and features you've come to expect will still be present, but with a new look and feel that will make it easier than ever to grow your book of business using Kaiser Permanente's online tools. Learn more.


Support for substance use disorder and addiction recovery

As Kaiser Permanente reflects on National Recovery Month and the importance of providing support year-round, they’re spotlighting the variety of ways that your clients’ employees can work on substance use issues or seek treatment for a substance use disorder at Kaiser Permanente. Visit to learn more about Kaiser Permanente's care and recovery options.


Steps employers can take to help prevent and alleviate musculoskeletal conditions in a changing workplace

More than 50% of employees are dealing with musculoskeletal conditions that cause pain, impair their productivity, and lead to an average of 12 missed workdays and $980 billion in health care costs per year.¹ ²  Share this article with your clients so they can help their employees prevent and alleviate musculoskeletal conditions.


Monthly Health Topic: Social Health

Share Kaiser Permanente's social health flyer and email to help your clients understand and get connected to community-based resources available to them.


1. “Fast Facts: Musculoskeletal Conditions,” United States Bone and Joint Initiative, 2018.

2. Chantal S. Parenteau et al., “Prevalence of spine degeneration diagnosis by type, age, gender, and obesity using Medicare data,” Nature, March 8, 2021; Lauren Lawton, “2022 Musculoskeletal health trends,” Advisory Board, April 2022