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Kaiser Permanente: Q2 Thought Leadership Webinar, Mental Health in the Workplace, and More

Kaiser Permanente's most recent Broker Briefing provided important updates for Kaiser Permanente Small Business groups.


Q2 Thought Leadership webinar May 22, 1 p.m. PST

Coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Month, don’t miss Kaiser Permanente’s next thought leadership webinar, “From Hustle to Harmony: Work Culture Strategies for Battling Burnout.” This live virtual event offers an in-depth discussion on managing workplace stress to reduce employee burnout while fostering more supportive and resilient work environments where all employees can thrive. Register here.


How can employers create a mental health stigma-free workplace?

When employers proactively support workforce mental health, employees are often more loyal and more productive. Share this article with your clients to show them ways to break down mental health stigma at work and make their businesses more resilient.


Coping with stress

Help your clients’ employees recognize the onset of stress and build positive coping strategies. Share this flyer to discover ways to manage and get stress under control.


Online self-service features

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