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Kaiser Permanente: Self-tests Stop the Spread of COVID-19



As COVID-19 cases increase throughout communities, getting vaccinated and staying up to date with booster shots is the best way for everyone to stay protected. COVID-19 home antigen tests are another important tool for slowing the spread of the virus. These tests are an easy, no-cost way to get quick results — usually within 30 minutes.


When to use a COVID-19 self-test

COVID-19 self-tests should be used if someone has symptoms, think they’ve been exposed to COVID-19, or plan to gather indoors with those who may be at risk, including unvaccinated children, seniors, and those who are immunocompromised. 


How to get a COVID-19 self-test

There are many ways for Kaiser Permanente members to get a COVID-19 self-test at no cost and without a doctor’s order: 

  • Federal government — Every home in the U.S. is eligible to order up to 8 free self-tests without shipping fees at
  • Kaiser Permanente’s website or app — Members can visit or use the Kaiser Permanente mobile app to order a self-test and have it shipped to their home without fees. 
  • Kaiser Permanente pharmacies — If a member is already planning to visit a Kaiser Permanente location, they can pick up a self-test while they are there, as supply allows. Please note that masks are still required in all Kaiser Permanente facilities.
  • Retail pharmacies — Pick up self-tests from participating retail pharmacies, including Walmart. Members will need to take the test to the pharmacy counter and show their photo ID and Kaiser Permanente ID card. Availability of tests may vary. Visit to see a list of participating retailers. 


If members pay for an FDA-authorized test, they can submit a claim for reimbursement at Select "Coverage & Costs," then select "Submit a medical claim." Starting May 5, reimbursement will be limited to $12 per test, including shipping and sales tax.


What members should do if they receive a positive result 

If a member receives a positive result from a COVID-19 self-test, they should complete an e-visit right away to report it. It will be added to their medical record and they’ll receive guidance on treatment, isolation, and quarantine. If they have questions or concerns about their positive result or symptoms, they should visit or use the Kaiser Permanente app to access care. 


Check COVID-19 self-test expiration date

The FDA has extended the shelf life of the iHealth brand of COVID-19 self-tests. Visit the iHealth website and enter the test’s lot number to see the new expiration date. 


Visit for local updates. You can also call the KP COVID InfoLine at 855.550.0951 (available in English and Spanish) for regular recorded updates. 


For questions, please contact your B&P Sales Rep – 888.722.3373.