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Kaiser Permanente: Small Group Online Renewals, Managing Stress, and Connected Care

Faster and easier renewals online

Reminder, future small group renewals will be available only on, unless clients request paper renewals by mail. Let your clients know Kaiser Permanente's self-service online tools help make renewals faster and easier. They’ll be able to:

  • See renewal information in real time, the moment it’s available
  • Make changes without having to fill out and mail forms
  • Quickly compare plans, rates, and benefits
  • Add new enrollees and make changes to existing employees instantly
  • Access their full transaction history in one place


If a client wants to continue getting paper renewals by mail, they can sign in to to update their delivery method. From the Renewals page, click on “Renewal Delivery Preference” and select “Mail (Paper).”


Get more information on renewals.


Share resources to manage stress

Nearly seven in ten American workers say COVID-19 has made this the most stressful time of their career* — and too much stress can take a toll on the mind and body. Share tools and resources with your clients to manage everyday stress, mindfully navigate difficult situations, and build positive coping strategies.


How Kaiser Permanente's care model helps members thrive

Because they combine care and coverage, Kaiser Permanente is different than most other health plans. This article can help your clients understand how Kaiser Permanente's connected care model makes it easier to get care. And when people are at their healthiest, they thrive.


For questions or help with a Kaiser Permanente quote, please contact your B&P Sales Rep – 888.722.3373.